If you've experienced itching, redness, swelling, red and watery eyes or a skin inflammation/rash from having your hair coloured, chances are you're allergic to PPD. PPD is a chemical substance found in hair dye,  predominantly in darker colours. Did you know that we use a PPD free colour line? We take our client's health seriously.If you have had a reaction to hair colour before, we will insist upon a patch test 48 hours before your scheduled appointment time. This will ensure a pleasant hair colour experience for you and our stylists.

We also have a solution to those of you experiencing fine or thinning hair with extensions. Extensions can create length and volume, and can actually give you a voluminous and full head of hair with a COMPLETELY natural look. You can book a free extension consultation with Lisa at anytime.

JOY is proud to carry hair home care products that also cater to our clients with sensitivities and thinning hair. Loma products are scented using essential oils (not fragrance) and most of our home care products are sulfate and paraben free.  AG (manufactured in Vancouver) Root Thickening Serum will dramatically improve the volume of fine or thinning hair, starting directly at the root. Enhanced with the highest concentration of AG’s Regenerative Complex, containing clinically-proven pea sprout extract coupled with ginseng and ginger, helping to create and maintain the optimal environment for healthy hair growth. Gentle polymers lift at the root, giving the appearance of thicker, fuller hair.

Book your PPD free colour or extension service with our experts online today.

This is Emily's most recent KeraStraight client. The first photo was sent to JOY after she walked her dog in the rain the day she got her treatment. She was thrilled how the frizz was kept at bay!

The second photo is her hair after a shower, dried with only a blowdryer and her fingers.

"It's about the same as it would have been if I had dried it with a brush and flat ironed it before the treatment. Nice to be able to just blow dry and only have to flat iron if I want it really straight."

Come on in to JOY to get $100 off your KeraStraight Treatment, now $150.

Emily KS1Emily KS2



Do you have a flat iron? A professional grade iron is meant to last years! Here's some tips for keeping yours in tip-top shape.



The thought alone is enough to make your head itch. With the kids on their way back to school, head lice is a topic many parents want to know more about but are too embarrassed to ask. So here's the low down on head lice.

Firstly, remember that lice are attracted to CLEAN hair and contracting the little critters DOES NOT mean that you are a bad parent or housekeeper ;)

Head lice spread easily, especially amongst children who are in close contact, particularly at daycare and school. They spread through direct hair-to-hair contact or indirectly by sharing things like hats, combs, hairbrushes and headphones.

The primary symptom of head lice is an itchy scalp. Check your child right away for nits (look behind the ears and at the nape of the neck). To confirm a case of head lice, a live louse must be present and there will usually be no more than 10-20 of them. If you have a suspicion your child may have lice, check your children for nits and then after one and two weeks for live lice.

Do not treat anyone with a head lice product unless you find lice in their hair. Check all family members if someone in the house has head lice.

Because head lice don't live long off the scalp (max 3 days), there is no need for extra cleaning of your home.

To get rid of lice or nits from items like hats or pillowcases, wash the items in hot water and dry in a hot dryer for 15 minutes.

TO PREVENT HEAD LICE we recommend using Ladibugs natural, sulfate and paraben free shampoo, conditioner and mint lice-preventative spray daily. The spray can be used on the scalp and hair, hats, sports gear, backpacks and brushes. Please braid your child's long hair (or put it in a bun) for school.

We also carry the Ladibugs line of pesticide and insecticide FREE lice elimination products. It's always a good idea to have one of these kits on hand!


Although we definitely commend those wishing to educate themselves, in light of some recent cancellations due to clients "doing some research" of their own, we feel it necessary to share with you some of the pitfalls of doing your research online.

The problems with online findings are:

a) often it's not current information 

b) you may not be reading information that pertains to Canadian Health and Safety regulations

d) often you are reading opinion rather than fact

e) the site/source may not be reliable

f) you don't know who this person saw for their hair services and, in a de-regulated industry, chances are it may not have been the most highly skilled or educated stylist (unhappy with results)

g) the products you are reading about are certainly not the only products available and/or being used in the market and may not be the ones WE use at JOY

h) there will always be contradictory information found on another site somewhere...

We at JOY are your beauty EXPERTS. We have all attended highly respected Cosmetology Schools and are members of the Beauty Council of Western Canada. We participate in monthly advanced training and, because our owner is also a certified educator for 4 product companies, a salon and spa business coach, a sales support manager for a manufacturer and importer of hair tools and products and sits on the Board for the Beauty Council, we get ALL the inside information on everything HAIR!

We pride ourselves on being more than just hairdressers, we are extremely knowledgeable and here to answer all of your questions, provide you with facts and de-bunk any hair myths. We believe that is what excellent customer service is all about!

One of our male clients told us this story that is the perfect example of doing your own research online...He had a sore nose one day and decided to "Google it". Apparently he was stricken with menopause HAHAHAHA!

Combined, the stylists at JOY have been doing hair for over 25 years. Chances are we've seen and heard it all so please, before you believe everything you read online, ask us to share what we know!