>>What is Co-Washing?

What is Co-Washing?

Have you heard of this latest fad that challenges the traditional hair washing regime? People are ditching their shampoo and washing only with a conditioner or cleansing cream. Many men are co-washing to avoid having to use a styling product (the hair becomes pliable due to the build up of oil secreted from the scalp). It is suggested that all conditioners can cleanse to a degree (contain a small amount of gentle cleansers) but before you try this I must warn that co-washing (conditioner-only washing) is only recommended for certain hair types and with salon professional conditioners and cleansing creams only. If you have fine and limp hair or an oily scalp, do not co-wash. The non-natural derived and non-breathable silicones used in drugstore products are not water soluble and will build up on your hair, leaving it flat and greasy looking. Co-washing is ideal for those of you with a coarse hair texture and curls. These hair types need moisture. I tried this myself for a couple of weeks and I am actually surprised at the results. My hair feels clean and in better condition. I have natural wave and my hair had been bleached, the ends were definitely in need of moisture. I used the new AG Cleansing Cream- a foam free hair wash. You won;t get a lather, but a lather is not necessary. That will probably be the strangest thing to get used to. This cleansing cream is ideal for super dry or brittle hair and is formulated with 95% naturally derived ingredients including AG’s exclusive Sea Complex which combines anti-aging seaberry oil with natural seaweed extracts in a nourishing and conditioning base to gently remove dirt and pollutants from the hair. If you are co-washing, you will only want to wash your hair 2-3 times a week, the reason being that you can over condition your hair. Too much protein can actually have adverse effects and make your hair feel mushy.

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