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Since Monat is becoming a household name, I’m sure you’ve seen it on your facebook feed and maybe you even have a friend selling it, we thought it time to write a Blog specifically about these products and why we have chosen to sell them in our salon. Yes, Monat is sold through MLM however, having worked in sales for major manufacturers and importers, I know why this professional brand chose to sell through this channel. It’s on target to be a BILLION dollar brand in 2018 which NO OTHER line of shampoo has accomplished with shampoo sales alone. This is why professional hair care products (those meant to be sold by professional cosmetologists in salons only) end up on the shelves of department and drug stores: salon professionals are not the greatest at recommending home care products to their clients and so, in order to reach sales targets, manufacturers “sell out” to big box stores.

Monat is the only line of NON TOXIC and CLINICALLY PROVEN anti aging hair care products that is available to us as professionals that we can offer our clients with aging hair issues: hair loss, thinning hair, coarse hair, frizzy hair, fine hair, etc. The ingredients have been tested for efficacy and proven to detoxify the follicle, increase the diameter of the hair strand and regrow hair. Some people experience a “detox” period when they first begin treatment where the sebum, product and environmental pollutants that are built up on the hair and clogging the follicles are gently removed. During this time (14-30 days) your hair and scalp may feel oily, greasy or flat but not everyone experiences a detox period. You may also notice your colour fading. This is not Monat removing your colour but, in fact, removing the build up from your hair that your colour is sitting on top of. Colours will take and hold better after you’ve been using Monat for 30 days or so. We do have a “What To Expect” in 90 days document and are most happy to share this with any of our Monat clients.

This is not a typical line of shampoo. These are TREATMENT products and therefore there are instructions you must adhere to for maximum results. We reccomend you shampoo your hair TWICE and leave the suds on your scalp for TWO minutes each time. Our conditioners also contain Capixl (the red clover extract for optimum growth) and therefore these can be rubbed right into your scalp, as well as through the ends of your hair. Monat also offers a treatment spray, supplements and styling product. If you are using Monat, we suggest you use ONLY Monat. You don’t want to use a product full of silicones or waxes that may be detrimental to the cleansing and stimulation of the follicle.

If you are losing your hair due to Male Pattern Baldness, the plant based ingredients in Monat safely inhibit the DHT hormone that contributes to hair loss in men. Your follicles may lay dormant for up to 5 years and can be restimulated with the use of these products. It will take at least 3 months of treatment to notice new hair growth and, like with any hair growth products, you will have to comitt to continued use.

Monat products not only help with hair loss but promote healthy growth, control dry scalp and psoraisis and strengthen the anchoring of the hair in the follicle (less shedding).

If you’d like to see some amazing testimonials, check out the Monat Hair Testimonies facebook group. We are also happy to share results from our own clients. Should you need hair loss advice or a consultation before purchasing your Monat products, please do not hesitate to email us at info@joyhairstudio.com

We have Monat in the salon or you may also purchase online.

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