>>Medical Facts on Hair Loss

Medical Facts on Hair Loss

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Is your hair thinning or feeling weak?

Hair loss Diagnosis:

Gradually begining hair loss

Hereditary hair loss

Patchy hair loss caused by various internalor external stress factors

Are-related weakening of hair growth


Reduced productivity and activity of the stem cells of the hair follicle

Hardening of the hair follicle due to excessive deposition of sugars

Genetic hypersensitivity of the receptors of the hair follicle to an androgenic testosterone derivative

Aging processes in the hair follicle

Symptoms of nutritional deficiencies, e.g. due to crash diets

Serious infectious diseases and side effects of certain medications (e.g. blood thinners)

Hormone dysfunctions, e.g. of the thyroid Changes in your hormone balance – in menopause or during and after pregnancy

Internal or external stress factors, e.g. burnout symptoms, operations or considerable mental stress

Weak Hair Diagnosis:

Thinning hair

Decelerated hair growth

Loss of the quality of hair with increasing sensitivity and decreasing stability and body


Age-related decrease in cell activities of the hair follicle, particularly the productivity of the stem cells

A genetic tendency to hair loss Internal and external stress factors

Lack of energy supply

Hardening of the hair follicle due to deposition of sugars


Hair Loss + stem cells

A typical feature in weakening hair growth is a significant shortening of the anagen phase/extension of the telogen phase. At this stage, the matrix shrinks and the hair papilla ceases its activity for about three months in order to regenerate itself. If these regenerative processes are insufficient, the transition to the next active growth phase is sluggish and the percentage of hair roots that remain in the rest phase increases. This means that for every hair lost there is either no new hair or only a thinner and weaker hair that grows back. A significant cause of this is the reduction in productivity and activity of the stem cells along the hair canal. These are the parent cells for the reformation of the matrix and thus starters for active hair growth. In addition, there is a second phenomenon: the communication between the stem cells and the keratin-forming cells in the hair papilla is reduced. For this reason, too, the switch from rest phase to the phase of active growth is very slow and the newly formed hair is weaker.


Hair grows at an average rate of 1/2 inch per month. On average, we lose 80-100 hairs per day. If you wash or brush your hair less than once per day, it will apear as if you are losing more when you do brush or wash. Thining hair will be most noticeable at or around the hairline or crown.

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