>>From Fine to FABULOUS!

From Fine to FABULOUS!

At JOY, we offer a variety of hair extension application systems: Weaves, Tape In and Micro Bead, all human REMY hair. Remy hair is hair that has been collected at the Indian Temples during celebrations such as a boy coming of age. The hair is treated and coloured during a very slow process that leaves the cuticle in tact. This hair can be washed, dried, flat ironed, curled and set just as your own, but all extension require the use of a sulphate free shampoo/conditioner and a special brush.

The revolutionary Micro Bead Extension system was introduced over 10 years ago and hair extensions is now one of the largest growing industries in North America.

The micro bead is a silicone coated ring that matches your hair colour, blending with the root, or the colour of the extensions. The hair is 100% natural Remi human hair and double drawn which means that all the hair is the same length with the cuticle facing the same direction. This, of course, means that the hair is and looks smooth and natural.

So why micro beadss? Firstly micro beads are attached to the hair without using glue or a heat appliance which means no damage to your natural hair. Your hair will stay healthy and grow naturally with the extensions . If any beads are broken over the time you wear your extensions, the hair peices can be kept and replaced by your extension  technician very easily.The extensions will last for 6 months with only one push up maintenance service after 12  weeks of wear. The micro beads need pushing up to the root as they move with natural hair growth.

We are able to add length and volume as well as texture and highlight effects.  Your desired result will be discussed during your free consultation. This system is hugely successful in the UK and Europe because of it’s kindness to the hair and will not damage or compromise your natural hair growth. Tape in  and keratin fusion extensions do damage the hair over time. Keratin fusion extensions can not be re-used. Micro bead extensions can be re-used and may last years with proper care.

This system is a damage free system that allows you to have beautiful voluminous hair within a few hours.

For those of you who have less time for maintenance and would prefer a smaller dent in the wallet, we also offer weaves and tape in extensions. These can be done in under 2 hours and the hair is also re-usable.



Before and After Tape In extensions


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