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Monat Hair Products

Since Monat is becoming a household name, I'm sure you've seen it on your facebook feed and maybe you even have a friend selling it, we thought it time to write a Blog specifically about these products and why we have chosen to sell them in our salon. Yes, Monat is sold through MLM however, having worked in sales for major manufacturers [...]

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When The Weather Outside Is Frightful

Ack!!! It's winter and you may be experiencing, dry, firzzy, static-y hair and/or a flaky scalp. Let's talk about these ailments and provide you with some solutions. Dandruff Dry skin does not cause dandruff. Dandruff is caused by a yeast that feeds off excess oil, which increases the rate of natural skin shedding. UV rays counteract the effects of dandruff causing [...]

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Is Your Hair Thinning?

We see it every day, men and woman concerned about thinning hair due to thyroid issues, hormones, aging, chemotherapy treatments, alopecia and stress. We now have your answer in Monat. Monat is a 100% natural (plant derived) and non toxic anti aging hair product line that contains Procataline™ and Capixl. Procataline features Pea Extract, a rich source of secondary metabolites that [...]

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The Ugly Truth About The Beauty Industry In BC

Did you know that the beauty industry in BC is de-regulated? What does that mean? In 2003 the BC Provincial Government de-regulated the personal services industry. That means that your hairdresser and/or esthetician may not be "licensed". In fact, there is no longer any licensing requirements and it is solely up the the salon/spa owner to ensure their staff is [...]

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Why Professional Products?

The number one place consumers purchase their hair products is at the supermarket :( These products are not only primarily water, but they contain non ethically sourced, synthetic and potentially harmful ingredients. That is why they can be sold for $5 a bottle as opposed to the $20 a bottle that professional products sell for. Professional products do have water [...]

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‘Tis the season to be…MARRIED!

Are you planning a wedding? Getting married this year? The team at JOY would love to cater to you and your wedding party/guests on your special day. We pride ourselves on going above and beyond to accomodate your wedding day needs- YES we will come in early! We will even have champers and OJ waiting for you to help calm [...]

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What is Co-Washing?

Have you heard of this latest fad that challenges the traditional hair washing regime? People are ditching their shampoo and washing only with a conditioner or cleansing cream. Many men are co-washing to avoid having to use a styling product (the hair becomes pliable due to the build up of oil secreted from the scalp). It is suggested that all [...]

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Medical Facts on Hair Loss

Souce: La Biosthetique France Is your hair thinning or feeling weak? Hair loss Diagnosis: Gradually begining hair loss Hereditary hair loss Patchy hair loss caused by various internalor external stress factors Are-related weakening of hair growth Causes: Reduced productivity and activity of the stem cells of the hair follicle Hardening of the hair follicle due to excessive deposition of sugars [...]

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From Fine to FABULOUS!

At JOY, we offer a variety of hair extension application systems: Weaves, Tape In and Micro Bead, all human REMY hair. Remy hair is hair that has been collected at the Indian Temples during celebrations such as a boy coming of age. The hair is treated and coloured during a very slow process that leaves the cuticle in tact. This [...]

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Winter Make Up Trends

The make up trends for this fall/ winter include big bold lips with natural eyes. Hot colours include reds, purples and deep blues. We've just received La Bioesthetique's beautiful collection of lip pencils, glosses and creams just in time for the holidays! When choosing eye shadow/lip colours keep in mind the undertone of your skin, the colour of your eyes [...]

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